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Some useful (and free) Android Apps for Learners of English

If you have got a tablet or an Android phone, I'm sure that you have downloaded lots of apps with games, that's great, but there are also some apps that can help you to learn English, and here you have some of them:

Click and explore the website
Listen and learn English, download this app. and you will be able to change the playback speed to listen to it faster or slower.

Click and follow the link
British Council App. for the yougest students of English.

Download the above one if you want to test your level

Phrasal verbs
Dictionary of phrasal verbs, learn their meaning and use.


Listen to the news

Listening to the BBC has never been easier than now, Click here if you like sports you will find videos and articles about your favourite team. Or explore the BBC radio.
 A different link here.
If you prefer different accents:
Down under:New Zealand radio.
NPR: National Public Radio.
CNN video news.

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Be polite!

“Good manners cost nothing. Bad manners can cost you your reputation”
― B.D.Hawkey

Click on the above image to follow the link

Being polite means being aware of and respecting the feelings of other people. It is usually difficult to be polite in a language different from your own, and that is because when you speak a foreign language you are stepping in another culture, with a different way to behave in society. If you do not want to be rude in English, and (I am sure you don't)just follow the above link and learn how to be polite.
or watch the video:

Engvid has posted a test about the video if you want to try.


Scotland referendum

Scotland has been in the UK for more than three hundred years by now but next Thursday 18 of September a referendum will take place there.
The single question in this referendum will be :"Should Scotland be an independent country?" voters can only answer "yes" or "no".
 But what do the opinion polls suggest? if you want to know just check this link.
 Learn how to vote in a polling station. (switch the sound on).
 Some fun facts about Scotland.
 A Wordsearch on Scotland

and a video:

Did you know that the UK is one of the three countries in the world that do not have a written constitution? Can you guess which are the other two?
they are New Zealand and Israel.


See you in the classroom!

Hello, here we are again!
Ready to meet  your old and new schoolmates?  this brand new course is going to be a great adventure: new teachers and subjects, lots of summer stories to share with friends, I am sure that you are looking forward to start school!
 Let me give you a a tip: don't skip tour breakfast, because...
- You need food to burn calories.
- You need breakfast to meet you daily nutritional needs.
- It will help you to keep fit and healty.
 Click if you want to know more about breakfast.
Click here if you want to try a quiz.

Learn about the 50 best breakfast in the world.

Or watch the video:

Smile your breakfast:

Have a great breakfast!