Sarah,Cynthia Sylvia Stout

A nice piece of poetry for the weekend by Shel Silverstein.

Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout -
She wouldn't take the garbage out
She'd wash the dishes and scrub the pans
And cook the yams and spice the hams
But though her parents would scream and shout
She wouldn't take the garbage out
So it piled up to the ceiling:
Coffee grounds, potato peelings
Brown bananas, rotten peas
Lumps of sour cottage cheese
Filled the can and covered the floor
And crapped the windows and blocked the door
With bacon rinds and chicken bones
And drippy ends of ice-cream cones
Pizza crusts and withered greens
Soggy beans and tangerines
Peach pips, prune pips, orange peel
Glumpy globs of cold oatmeal
Crusts of black burnt buttered toast
Grisly bits of beefy roast
The garbage rolled on down the hall
It raised the roof and broke the wall
With greasy napkins, cookie crumbs
Globs of gluey bubble gum
Cellophane from old balloni
Rubbery blubbery macaroni
Peanut butter caked and dried
Cuts of green and mouldy pie
Rotten melon skins and mustard
Egg shells mixed with lemon custard
Cold French fries, rancid meat
Yellow lumps of (ugh!) cream of wheat
At last the garbage reached so high
That finally it touched the sky
And none of her friends would come to play
And all the neighbours moved away
Finally Sarah Cynthia Stout said
O.k. - I'll take the garbage out
But then, of course it was too late
The garbage reached across the state
From New York to the Golden Gate
And there in the garbage she did hate
Poor Sarah met an awful fate
That I cannot right now relate
Because the hour is much too late
So, children, remember Sarah Stout -
And always take the garbage out
If you want to know the meaning of any word a dictionary.


The London Underground

The best means of transport to move along a large city is the underground, or better the tube as it is it known in London,  Subway is the word used by New Yorkers.
London tube was the first underground public transport in the whole word.

London transport system is efficient and safe, it is also the cheapest way to move in that large city (although prices are going to rise next year). The first tube line goes as back as 1.850, and around this means of transport a lot of stories and legends habe been created.
Here you have some of them:
Have you ever heard about the London underground own mosquito species? I am sure that you have not, so follow the link to learn about it.
You should know that as the tube is so old (1800s) and so many changes have taken place in London since then, some old stations are now out of use. The number of stations today working is 270.
150 facts for 150 years of London tube by The Independent.
Ghosts in the tube? follow the link to know.
Or a werewolf...?

And if you go to London, do not forget to buy your Oyster card even if your stay is going to be short, because using it you will save a lot of time and money .


Present Perfect

Image source: click on the above picture
We use this tense to talk about actions that started in the past and they are still going on or with actions that have some influence in the present.

Exercises , more exercises here.

And you know that this tense is usually accompanied of already, just, or yet.

Exercises using: already, just, still and yet (by Auto-English).
British Council explains the meaningof the above words.

Would you dare to take the BBC challenge?
For or since?



What is Parkour? follow the link to the Parkourpedia, or explore the freerunning website.
 Watch the video by the BBC learning English  "Words in the News".
Now you are ready for the following video:

And learn how it works.
Explore the Parkour organization in the UK.
If you want to try, take care, we do not have nine lives like cats!.


Trick or treat? Halloween!

Trick or treat time is here again, watch the Halloween video above or try the word search if you feel like:

Happy Halloween is a guide (made by the Junta of Castilla y León).
Some games here.
British Council has got some games for the youngest and for teens, too.

Enjoy your frightening Halloween!


United Kingdom's birthday

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On the above picture you can see the only image we have today of the Scottish Parliament in a working session. On October the 23rd 1707 the first Parliament of modern UK meets for the first time. Before that there were the Scottisth and English Parliaments which were independent from each other. But when both Parliaments signed  the Act of the Union The modern British parliament was born and the UK too.

Articles of Union 1707.jpg
"Articles of Union 1707" by Parliament of England
The story of how this Act was signed, is like a thriller, and in that thriller, the today well-known writer Daniel Defoe  had a main role to play, because he worked as a spy for the English Crown in Edimburgh.
Defoe had had a troublesome life, sentenced to pillory :
Image source
and jailed, he finally agreed to spy for England and so he was released from prison. Defoe main job as a secret agent was to do everything possible to help secure acquiescence in the Treaty.
"A Scots rabble is the worst of its kind", he reported after a violent demonstration against the Treaty.


A world at school

Click on the map to visit the website
Click on the above map and learn how many children can not go to school all over the world.
A world at school wants every child in school and they want it because "Every child has the right to go to school, without danger or discrimination."
Watch the video and click here if you want to sign the petition.

Click if you want to watch some more videos.
Or follow this link if you want to read some news.
Because nothing changes without pressure.